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Lost My Missy


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Hi Claudia,

I know you miss your little one and it hurts. I lost my Katie who I had for 11 years and I got her from a very abusive family when she was three years old. I still have my periods of crying and still carry that gut hurt around. My Katey had Liver Cancer, she was to old and did not react to the medications. I had to put her down so she wouldn't be in any more pain. Its been a little over a week now. I was with her when she left me. I was looking into her eyes talking and petting her so she would feel love'd. It is hard and it will hurt for a while but you are not alone. I know saying this will not take the pain away but to let you know I care and share with you the pain and the love we lost. I will keep you in my prayers. Together there is healing.

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