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5 Newborns At The Rainbow Bridge


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sad.gif My cat CharleighSue gave birth to 5 beautiful female kittens on January 28,2004.

Sweety Eve died shortly after birth on the same day

Tori died on January 29

Angelika died on January 29

Arwin died on January 29

Emmaka died on January 30

CharleighSue had a very long and difficult labor and delivery.

She totally rejected all the babies.

I cared for them the best I could until they all died.

It is very sad and seems all so unfair but I guess that is life.

Death is a big part of it all.

The babies were premature so their fate was sealed.

CharleighSue seems to be fine.

I am glad she is okay. I was afraid she would die too.

She is the silver lining to my dark cloud.

Love and Life,


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