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An Interesting Experience

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Yesterday I went white water rafting. I felt somewhat sad about it because Josh and I were supposed to go together last year but it never worked out. So I know he would have liked to have gone, and this was an experience he missed out during life. Towards the end of the trip, after a rain storm, there was steam coming off the mountains. We were in a calm area and everyone was quiet. It was very peaceful. I looked up into the mist/steam high up off the mountains. I noticed the steam was making the shape of a heart. So I stared at it and thought... well, maybe Josh is with me today. As I looked longer at the heart, it transformed into an angel. And not like most images of angels I have seen. It definately looked like a male angel. It was very brief. As I've mentioned before, I was not raised with religion. But I definately felt yesterday that Josh, my angel, was with me. ^_^

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Hi Kellymarie,

I think that was really cool, I do agree that I think that Josh was with you. It is amazing how our loved ones continue to connect with us even after their deaths... Take care Kellymarie and God Bless You Shelley

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I agree with Derek....goosebumps. What a wonderful thing to see. Your Josh will always be with you, looking out for you. I also applaud you for going. That was a big step....be proud of yourself. It appears Josh was proud of you, too!



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