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Hi it's me again. But I have to get this off my mind. I still am feeeling very numb. I still am hurting and it's going on the 7th week.I hope it gets easier .

I still have not found a job. But I feel ones getting close. It's very strange I am so at peace about this. So I know God is at work in my life. I just wish he was at work in my step daughter's life. She won't call me or let me talk to my step son. I have this sad feeling she does not have him anymore that CPS has taken him out of her care. For his sake I hope so. Before my wife went into the hospital she suspected she was on drugs again.

But for me all I can do now is Pray fro the both of them.

well I have done eneough complaining for now. Take care and God bless all of you. Thanks for being here. Don

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