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How Can I Forget My Max?


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My Australian sheep dog, Max died yesterday morning from cancer and I don't know how to deal with his death. I feel guilty, sad, lonely, and miss him so much. I am separated and live alone and had visited him often at my former house where my husband lives. I feel ache in my heart thinking about Max's last moments. He was in such horrible condition. I just feel that I neglected him to the end. I could not spend time with him because I was not living there. To me, he was the only thing I was able to go on with present situation. He always greeted me even when he was weak. He tried to make me happy by bring me his toys. There was no humanbeing who ever cared or loved me like Max did. I just feel like I reached the end of a rope. I don't know where to turn to. I could not have him in my apartment because that size of dog was not allowed. Is there anyone who went through losing a pet like me? Please help me and pray for my Max.

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I just signed onto this website because of losses of my own, but you touched my heart. It was many years ago that I lost my best pet-friend, a little, silly, funny, bird--we went through a lot together.

Sam's death (his name) was the worst thing that happened to me at that time. I still dream of that little bird and he's sitting on my shoulder, singing his heart out.

You go ahead and grieve, Ruth. Max's loss was a major blow to you--but please stop the guilt! You did the best you could and no one will ever know that more than Max.

I truly believe that animals have souls that live on and one of my most comforting ideas is that my Sam will be singing at the end of that tunnel, just waiting for me. Max will be there for you, too.


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