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My Beautiful Rhonda


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How I miss the woman I love.

I still remember the first time I met her. Which was on August 27,1999

here was a lady with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I saw her sitting in her wheel chair, But that did not matter. I had already been talking to her for a few weeks before we met. So i knew all of her ailments and disabilities. But none of that mattered. Even though she was disabled her out look on life was utterly amazing. It made realize how small my own problems were. She lived each day like it were last.

Not only was she a huge inspiratioin to me. She was my best freind. I could not wait to see her when we were apart.

We were married on August 25 2000. What a great day that was. It was a very small and intimate wedding. i don't think there was a dry eye in the church.

Each day I got too spend with her was a blessing. I thank God foreach one of those days. Even though there was not eneogh of them.

Rhonda you were the true meaning of life and not too give up no matter what hand you were given in life live life to the fullest.

She went to heaven on 1/14/04 at 12:30 PM. she went peacefully in my arms.

Now Rhonda as I start to put my life back together in remembrance of you. You still give me hope and inspiration to keep living life to the fullest.

I will always love you and remember you.

Your loving Husband......Don

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