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my father afloat beyond

the breakers

he is a head and two feet

my hero on the high seas


(as he made me)

to splash and swim and dive in

deep and rise up gasping

for LIFE for JOY

every breath

my roller coasting partner

(while the others await

in safety below)

and we SCREAM so ALIVE

and riding high upon shoulders

through the city

(was it Thanksgiving

or New Year's Day?)

another parade for my

mental scrapbook of

one hundred



skating rinks

swimming pools

bicycle rides

boardwalk nights

Sunday morning

french toast feasts

followed by


in the dining room

(where are those

records now?)

he cast no enchantments

this was ordinary MAGIC

LOVE made real

for you, daddy, i would

gladly, go to the well

in order to earn

the honor of

walking in your wingtips.

for eugene c. beavers

feb 12 1930~june 9 2003

by alice beavers dake

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Made me cry too........thank you for sharing.Im so glad you read it to him too !!

....theres been so much sadness in my life since the death of my dad too up to him dying Id been pretty blessed on the whole !

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