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The Truth


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The Truth

The time is coming,

It's almost here

The time that saddens me

The time I fear

Time to remember

Can't help but to

Time to face up

To losing you

Been drowning myself

Not letting feelings through

Might as well have died

Along with you

I haven't been living

Destroying myself from within

Hurting all that lies

Beneath my skin

Life is precious

To that I should have wisened

But instead my eyes sting

Again I am frightened

Frightened of what I may do

Frightened of what I've done

Frightened that I can't cope

With anniversary number one

As it looms ahead of me

I feel I'm loosing control

Falling back to the darkness

Falling back into a hole

I'd only just crawled out

I fear it'll hit me back

I hope I have control

But I know that's what I lack

I don't want to forget

But forgive me if I do

Because I can't stand it anymore

Knowing that I've lost you

By Starelda

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