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Hello everyone. I replied this am to "Don"

As this was my first posting to the board I think that I should introduce myself.

As explained in my posting to Don, my wife died six months ago today. This does not mean that I am over it. In fact some days it seems to get worse. The worse part of my experience was knowing a whole month before Janice died that this was what I should expect. In fact we both new the end was near.

My wife had lung problems and waited five years for a lung transplant. She was on 02 twenty four hours a day. We could not do any thing, life was at a standstill. Then the miricle happened and a donor was found. In two weeks Janice went from using 02 all the time and not even being able to walk to going hiking in the mountains together.

It was a wonderfull time and I thank God for this mirical. But it only lasted two years. Janice's body rejected the new lung and it was impossible to save it. The doctors would not do another transplant as the risk was too great so we were informed of this one month before she died.

It has been a terrible experience. I am so very sad

Thanks for listening


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