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What Are Considered Losses?


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Hi All,

I am still grieving over the loss of both my parents, But I am wondering if losses can include things like losing your address, not seeing a family pet anymore, changing jobs because of death in family and friends due to death in family... I have lost all of these as well and I was wondering if you can grieve over items and not just human beings and animals... Can someone help if you can thanks Shelley

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Hi Marty T,

Thank you so very much I really think that it will help me with some of what I am feeling right now... I did print a copy for myself so that I can read it over and over if I need too... I hope that was okay.... Take care Shelley

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I consider them all loses. in alot of the grief books they list many of these things. i know that i am grieving also the loss of my siblings. my therapist says i am really grieving for what i want them to be . i want to make peace bc i promised my mom before she passed , i am not sure if it will happen. i am praying real hard for this. my boys also suffered this loss. lori

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