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A couple of months ago in the begining of December I got some bad news. My dog was stolen out of my yard. He was 9 years old and a little dashound. I just can't stop crying about this I will have a good day somedays watch some comedy and go shopping, and the next day will be so hard to deal with. Friends and everyone tells me you can get another pet, and you will get over it soon. But it's almost like they are making it worst, I get so pissed off at them :angry: . Julie

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Dear Julie,

I am so sorry to hear about your dear dog being stolen. How awful for you-I often wonder what kind of person could do such a thing! I have 2 daschund mixes myself, and they are just the best dogs ever!

As for "friends" they so often try to say the right thing but always end up making it worse. I don't think they mean to be insensitive, but that is what ends up happening here. All of us have here experienced the loss of a dear pet and we do understand and emphathize with you. Take care.

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