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Sympathy Cards


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Hi Kellymarie

You are not alone. I had to buy a sympathy card the other day and ended up buying three - one just for myself because I liked the verse - I'm sending it to all from me with love


fond recollections

of special occasions

and everyday things.

Let your heart start on its journey to healing

by feeling the comfort remembering brings


pictures, mementos, and favorite stories

both funny and sad

Let your mind wander

the paths of remembrance,

reliving the joys

and the good times you've had


signs that our loved ones

remain near in spirit

long after they're gone...

tender, surprising, heartwarming and welcome -

sweet proof of the promise

that love will live on

Thanks to all on this site for the caring!!! Jane

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That is a good idea, I'll have to start looking at them in stores.

Recently I went back and re-read the cards I'd received upon George's death. Some of them I hadn't remembered getting...I think I was so in shock then. I, too, found them a source of comfort and plan to read them periodically.

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This should be under the topic "Really Bizarre Bereavement Behaviors."

Every time I'm in a store that sells cards, I always find myself reading sympathy cards. This has been going on for a year!! I just sort of am drawn over and start reading. I have a small collection now at home. yikes...

Hi kellymarie:

That may be bizarre, but I know of one that may be a little more bizarre: a person I know at a grief support group I go to once a month takes her digital camera and visit cemeteries and snaps pics of headstones.

Once in a while I think of doing that. I have only taken pictures of my parent's headstone, no one else's (yet)

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