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Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Take Away

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A letter I'm sending to Josh's parents...

Remembering Josh

This past year I have spent remembering Josh’s life and love: memories of when we met, fell in love, his travels, our travels, everyday life together, amazing times, difficult times, every detail of his life during our time in life together. One memory keeps coming back to me, a night on the beach where I grew up. We sat in the sand wearing our “beach wedding best” with the bright moon overhead; we talked for hours about the simplest things in life to the most personal and deepest. That night I felt Josh’s heart and soul; that’s Josh to me, the Josh I loved and still love.

Life, love, and loss

This past year I have spent contemplating Josh’s life, love, and death, trying to put all of it together. I have learned more about life, love, and loss by having Josh in my life for an intense moment than I have in the previous 25 years. The most important lesson I have learned from Josh and this experience is that love is the most important part of life. It is the one true thing that survives all, survives death. Everything else in life and death are just extras, stuff, details, unimportant. All that truly matters is the love that we experience and share, the love we give and receive. Josh was, remains, and will forever be an amazing gift of love to me. Coming through my life like that “comet burning a bright blazing path through the night sky,” he taught me the most important meaning in life: love.


Josh lives on in each and every person he touched during his life (which were many!). Josh lives on in me in many ways: live life to the fullest, don’t take yourself too seriously, love with your entire being. Josh has forever changed me as a person, and he will continue to be a part of me, how I interact with others and in relationships, and who I am in every aspect of life.

Josh has his own special place in my heart, and he is with me everyday. I hold you both close to my heart, right next to that spot that Josh’s. Thank you for the gift of Josh’s life and love and also for your kindness, empathy, and love. It means so very much to me that during your darkest hours you were and are able to continue to show your love. As I mentioned last year, I know where Josh learned and developed his capacity and ability to love, from his very loving parents… you!

With much love,


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Kellymarie...I loved that tribute!!! And Joshs parents will certainly leve it when they read it. They are lucky that you were in his life to bring up positive memories that they had for their son. You sound very grounded, too.

Yes love is all there is when you get right down to it. As the Beatles said "All you need is love!"

Take care!


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