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Sale Of The Family Home

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Hi again all,

AS you know my mum died 14 months ago(it's gone so fast)

Dad is remarrying on 14th April,just got my invite.

Not sure if I am attending,not out of spite but haven't got the funds for 5 days away(4 days travel)and now I'm feeling guilty about that.

I've come to terms with the wedding,he is happy....simple as that.

I find the whole thing disconnecting though,like I've lost both parents.Dad hardly ever rings,he missed my birthday, I don't know where he is half the time,his place or hers or caravaning.He could be ill or die and I wouldn't know about it unless his fiance rang me to let me know.

He told me a few weeks back,that he is probably going to sell the house,hers too and buy a bigger one (soemthing to do with pensions and assets).

I'm really sad about the house and all the things of mums in there.I've asked and been offered a few things,but he wont send them down,cost too much to post........I have to make a 3 day travel up there to get it.......

I'm really not happy he's selling the house and complicating everything.yes its about the money,but not his,mums share.she would be up in the air to know her share would go to someone else......I can just imagine her LOL

I don't know how to bring up the subject though without sounding like a moneygrubber.

The other thing that bugs me is since he's had this new life,he's become the social butterfly,he never was with mum.He hardly ever rings and when he does its to complain that he hasnt heard from me(or my sisters)yet most of the tiem we don't know where he is.It was 12 months before he gave me margaret2's phone number........I don't know where I fit in anymore and I feel like once the house has sold,I may as well say goodbye to him....

If i try to say anything to him it sounds like I'm complaining and he tells me how happy is is now,how he had to look after mum for 5 years and couldn't do anything or go out etc etc

most of the time ,i go day to day without thinking abiut it, but then ....along comes a wedding invite..............

anyway thanks for listening.........again



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Hi Bee,

Ohhhh, I can feel your hurt and frustration! And totally understandable! I just don't understand how people can just not care how much they are hurting others. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this in addition to everything else, but you are doing really well, I think. I'm afraid I wouldn't be as nice, so I admire how you are trying to cope with it. Hang in there, I know how hard it is.

Bug hugs,


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