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Mom I Love You


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Dear Mom,

People do not say how much they love each other enough,

Than when someone dies people often say I should have told

them I loved them...

But in our case I know you loved me and I have told you everyday

I loved you....

You were the type of mom who put your family first especially

your kids...

And that is why when you left us all we miss you ever so much...

But know this that our love for you will never die...

As I know your love for us will never die....

Till we meet again....Take care and hold our love close to your

heart ..... I Love You Mom Shelley

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Hi LoriS,

Thank you for your reply, I only wish that I told my dad the same thing but I did not... My dad and I had a very rocky relationship and when he died I was sorry that I did not tell him how much he did mean to me... Thanks again Shelley :(

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Hi Marty T,

I just wrote what I felt I could a little while ago called Things I should have said... It is not everything I wanted to say but what was in my heart at this moment... Thanks for being here for all of us who are really needing so encouragement and support you are truly amazing Take care Shelley

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