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A Tough Week Ahead

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I am enjoying my last few days on the beach, although knowing what next week will bring, I am really dreading going home.

My dad is quickly going downhill, they have moved him out of the therapy wing of the nursing home and have quit all therapy. They have told us it is time to get hospice involved. We are going to start getting my parents house ready to sell next week. I have lots of wonderful people coming to help, but I still can't imagine how hard this will be. We will need to sell their cars too. The one good thing out of this is my brother will be helping me. He was in such denial during my mom's illness/death, he was never here to help. He has taken a leave from his job and will come over and stay with us and help with the house and my dad.I had hoped we would have more time with selling the house, but as we get more and more into my dad's financial things, it is now necessary to do.

I have felt guilty being gone from my dad so long, but I really needed to come here and have time to myself to grieve my mom. I feel a little stronger now and hopefully I can get thru the next week.

As always, thanks for listening. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi AnnieO,

Just take one day at a time, I kept telling myself that as I saw my parent's place being sold.... It was so awful but it did help to let tears flow and talking helped alot.... Again take one day at a time and I will keep you in my prayers.... God Bless You Shelley

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Annie...I feel for you...it's a rough time getting the financials, the house, etc. in order. Also having to deal with hospice at the same time...my heart goes out to you.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


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It's been a long day. I spent the morning with my dad at the hospital.

He thought I was my mom. It broke my heart.when the doctors told him I was his daughter and asked him my name, he whispered to me " I am so sorry, but I don't know". I stayed as long as I could but had to leave to meet the realtor to list my parent's house. Then I spent the rest of the day packing up their house. Lots of tears, but also lots of laughter. We found 4 omelet(sp) pans...no-one remembers my mom ever making an omelet. An old report card of my mom's telling her parents she was too busy talking in class and not working up to her potential. Packing up her clothes was the hardest, I brought home one of her sweatshirts and have it on right now. The good part is, when it comes to dividing things up, it's just my brother and I and it's been easy. We can be really honest about what things are important to each of us. If there have been any problems it's been we are both being too nice and insisting eachother "take it". Thanks for listening.

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