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just want to say thank you to people that took time out to read and respond to my posts.......

tonight i deleted them

dont know why really

but i am grateful for everyones kindness

im in a void and dont know how to get out of it

im unable to offer any kind of solace or anything positive to others that post and this seems very selfish of me

but i just want everyone to know


may you all find comfort and peace in your future

bless you all

linda xxxx

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I know how you feel when you think you cannot offer anything positive or helpful on this site. I feel the same way, but I know that the friends we have made here on the website do not feel we are selfish. I feel like I am always telling everyone my story and sadness and asking for help, but so often don't feel like I can offer any comfort. Maybe it's just because we are new to all of this..I know in time you and I both will be in a place when a new person signs on to this website, we will be able to help. We will be able to offer the same healing we get, from all of our friends here. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Dear Ones,

I've noticed a tendency recently among several of our members who've been with us longer than others to feel as if they have nothing to offer when they cannot muster the energy to post and to "say something positive or helpful."

I want to gently remind all of us that really, there is nothing that any of us can say that will take away the sorrow and the pain of loss ~ nobody understands and accepts that better than the precious people in these forums. We are not here to judge, or to rush, or to take anyone's grief away from them.

What we can offer, however, is our presence. Each of you knows that what we want and need most from others is just for someone to be there with us in our pain . In that sense, we are helping one another, even if we simply come here to read each other's posts. Sometimes all we need to say is "I read your post and I'm here for you." If that is all we can do at any moment, let us acknowledge and celebrate that. Let us be grateful for the attentive silence we offer one another, and let it be enough.

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Hi Marty T,

Thank you for your last post, and I feel like I am taking alot of time to get through my grief and that people here are so very nice about it... I do try to write something to help others but there are many days I just feel rough and just read... My sister said to my neice that she would like to go to heaven to see her mom and dad because she missed them so much.. It was the first time I heard someone in the family missing them since their funerals... I know everyone is different but I feel weird about how long it has taken... Take care Shelley

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