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I recently lost my girl due to cancer. I was lost and very very sad. Than my best friend told me to create someting what will help me to remember my precious daughter. She showed me a website she has created recently for her father, and it was beautiful. So after some hesitation I have created website, for my girl as well. And it really works, whenever I feel lonely or sad or I just miss her I go to her website and it it much more better. The other thing is that also other people can see what she ment to me and they are able to light a candle on her website or write something nice to me or to my daughter. So I would like to know what has helped you, to cope with your grief?

And when someboby would like to see the website please check www.last-memories.com


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Tracey, dear, you have our deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious daughter ~ and I, too, hope that you will direct us to her particular memorial on the Last Memories site.

(Just so everyone knows they have a choice, Last Memories is one of several such online memorial Web sites. You'll find this and others listed on the Memorials ~ Funerals ~ Rituals page of my Grief Healing Web site.)

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