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Petey & Peekers - Having A Really Tough Day

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Hi All,

Just needed to vent. I have been crying all day. I miss my Petey and Peekers boys so so much. I want them back NOW! The pain and hopelessness is horrid. I so wish I could be with all of my kids, those dead and alive.

My stomach aches for those that are not here with me. I feel empty. I am sad.

thanks for listening, just needed to share with a group of people who understand,


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My thoughts are there with you. I wish we didn't have to go through this pain! Maybe it's because we are capable of SO much love--that we are also capable of this much grief. wub.gifsad.gif I guess this makes us really alive... but sometimes it's too tough to handle.

I miss my Little Girl and my Mariah. Some days I think I just won't be able to stand it.

Hugs and prayers to you. Write any time. We're in this together,


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Hy Frannie,

My heart is with you. I understan what you are going through, I miss my cat Joey also so much until my stomach hearts.

I also wish he will be back and I'll be happy again, it's very hard to think about it and wish for it and at the same time know that it wont happen.

I know what you feel!

I wish I could hug you and comfort each other, my heart is truly with you.

Be strong!

By, nili

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