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Uncle Ted


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Hi All,

I just wanted you to know that Today I lost another one of my extended family... My uncle Ted died in his sleep, He was my dad's brother. Our family seems to be losing many of their family members... My dad's sister Shirley died in March of 2003 and her husband Don died in August of 2003... My Mom died in April of 2005 and my dad died in August of 2005... My uncle Ted who is my dad's brother died today April 15, 2007... It seems to be every two years this is happening I wonder who is next.... Shelley

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Hi Lorikelly,

Thank you for your reply, one thing I can honestly say death is not new around here... I pray everyday that everyone finds peace and healing and that someday we will meet up with one loved ones.... Take care Shelley

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Hi All,

I just can not believe how insensitive people are, When I lost my uncle Ted alot of people said nothing I think it is because he was my uncle and not my dad... Just because he was my uncle makes it just as sad as if I lost my dad... I just wish that people treated all deaths equal because that is how I do...

My Uncle Ted

He was a great man,

He served in the war,

He treated everyone he

knew like his family...

He always was there when

you needed him...

When my mom died he let

me talk about anything I

needed to say...

When my dad died his own

brother he was not able to

come back to Ontario but he

was on the phone with all of

us to help us in anyway he could..

That was the way he was and always will

be to me... I love you Uncle Ted....

Forever in my heart your neice Shelley

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Thank you Marty,

I really just wanted everyone to know a little about him, He was such a special person... I am glad I was able to see him even if it was at my own mother's funeral.... Take care Shelley

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