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Magical Mystical Maggie


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I was guardian to a magical mystical Scottie, Maggie, aka the Divine Miss M. Euthanasia was the end of our lives together on this plane. She has been gone since 3/18 and, as you all know, the pain is without description...there are no words in any language to communicate such emptiness. I am exhausted with trying to keep others comfortable while in my presence...no one really wants to know about that pain...pain never felt ever before, by anyone else, and that will never be felt this way again. The "I know what you are going through" is so shallow because it is impossible for anyone else to "know". A willing heart along with a willing ear would be such sweet salve. I want...need....for people to know the magic Maggie commanded over me and my family as well as all who met her. I wanted to write about her magic here, but I find that I have to do this in stages....just be assured she would have knocked your socks off. More later, if you all do not mind..


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Dearest Susan, Mom to the Divine Miss M, the magical mystical Maggie ~ :wub:

We are so very sorry for your loss, but you have come to the right place. Here you can share that indescribable pain you are suffering now, and rest assured that you are not alone. We want to know all about the magic of Maggie, and when you are ready to tell us, we will be here to listen.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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Your relationship with Maggie sounds profound, just as mine with my own kidlets was, and still is, so I would be honoured to hear all about yours and Maggie's, whenever you are ready. It is, as you say, exhausting to be in the presence of others who want only to be "comfortable", rather than allowing the sharing of your pain to deepen their relationship with you. Not many understand how to do this, and most are simply unwilling, and it is more than a shame. It is isolating. I await the recounting of your dear fur-child's legacy, with open ears and an equally-empty and aching heart that will likely resonate in empathy. If you have a picture of her that you could post, that would be welcome, too.

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