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Pink Diamonds

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I just wanted to share something with all of you. As you know I am struggling with my mom's death and blaming my dad. I was about to go down a road that would only end in more pain and sadness. My anger towards my dad was taking over and making me feel the need to search out answers about his life. I found help with friends I have met thru this site. But, here is the diamond part of this post. The night I had made the decision to search for answers I had a dream about my mom(only the 2nd one since she died Dec.06) she was crying and begging me "not to open this door, not to go searching". I woke up and felt as if I had,had a conversation with her. Yesterday I made the decision(with some help from some very wise friends) to finally "Let it go" to not search for answers. Last night,another dream of my mom. She looked healthy and happy. She didn't say anything, just handed me a small box and walked away. I opened the box and it was full of pink diamonds. I woke up and had no idea what this meant. I spent the morning reading about dreams and pink diamonds.They represent love. They increase love of one's self and others. They are said to have a calming and soothing effect. I just told my aunt this and told her I was going to go buy a pink diamond to wear, she said something very powerful. "you don't have to go buy one, you have a whole box of them in your heart, when-ever you doubt that your mom is around, just open the box that she gave you". Thank you for listening. I am sending you all a pink diamond.

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Hi AnnieO,

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post with us, I think dreams are amazing and things that happen in them seem so very real... Thanks for the pink diamonds as well Take care Shelley

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