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I'm New And Need To Rant

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I just found this site, and I am so sorry but I need to rant and yell SO bad. It looks like its safe to do it here.

My husband passed away at Christmas on our 1st wedding anniversary.

He was 56. oh 56 just isn't fair, we had plans of growing old together.

If only there was a magic thing that I could do to bring him back. Sometimes I just look at the door, expecting him to walk in with his big smile and a big hug.

Yes, there's so many things I could have done differently if I'd have known that we only had one year to spend together.

That man used to be so proud to introduce me as his wife, and I was so proud to be his wife.

Im sorry to rant, every one here has the same grief. I just need to get it off my chest so bad.

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I am so sorry to hear about you loss...So many people in here is in so much pain and sorrow...I feel for you all! I am fortunate to not have lost my boyfriend...I can't feel the pain you are going thorugh right now, but i can understand it...But i know in my heart that you will learn to live on with the loss....

Cause you are all so strong and i admire you all for sharingf you thought in here...

I know that nothing i say can ease the pain you have within, but i do know how it feels to lose someone you love and care about...

I also know that all the tears you cry, day by day, will help to heal your hearts...

Remember that your love ones still are with you, and that their last wishes was for you to laugh and once again find true love.....

Even though you are gone, You make me feel alive

Thinking of you makes my heart bleed

I miss you so bad that iv'e been considering to join you

Join you in the place where there is no pain

When i look at the cloudy sky and the raindrops hits my face and blends with my tears

I just feel like screaming

The pain inside of me is tearing me apart

I feel so alone

So sad

But sometimes....

When i'm really down and just want to die of grief and my heart feels like it's dead

It's like you are there with me

I can almost hear your voice

Almost smell your skin

In that very moment my heart starts to beat again

It feels so wonderful

And even though i'm drowned in tears

I smile

You make me laugh

Thinking of all the good times we had together makes me feel alive again

I can feel your spirit embrace me

And in that very second

All the pain is gone

So there i am

All alone

Tears rolling from my eyes and a big smile on my face

You came when i needed you

Even though you not here anymore.....

sis xxx

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My husband after 31 years passed away on june 10, 2004, my father passed away the same day 26 years earlier. I was told 14 years ago that he had only 6 months, I know we had extra time but the time spent was horrific and at the end I did not know how I was going to make it the thing is I right know don't know how I am going to make it. I have done all the right things, but I was not ready to see him go. I have my days, I guess today is one, I am scared, because like in his life I did things that no one else could do, I worked full time took care of my husband myself no matter what the leaps or hurddles, now I have done all the things he did or would have done, now I am done, what do I do with me.


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