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Losing Faith

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A thought about losing faith:

If your loved one couldn't give you something you wanted, would you still love him/her?

If your God didn't promise you everlasting happiness and immortalty, would you still worship It?

True love and faith doesn't require a gift in return.

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Hi DoubleJo,

I agree with what you are saying but since I started this grief journey I find it hard not to need things in return of losing others... I have a hard time remembering that God loves me no matter what.... I figure that now it is what you make of what you have and not want more than what you deserve... Take care Shelley

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Shelley: Perhaps it's not a question of love or what we deserve. Perhaps it is just that we cannot see or understand for this moment want we need. Sometimes events now help us later on by giving us an understanding, or knowledge that prevents us from missing out on something we wouldn't see if the event/s hadn't happened: a special opportunity lost; a person we might turn aside that belongs in our future.

We certainly need things to fill the feeling of emptiness in our hearts and souls. They may be fuller than we realize. The Creator of all things doesn't disappear because we feel a distance at this time.

We don't know what we deserve. That is a huge judgement that we cannot make. We can only strive to be the best and most caring person we can be.

It is in human nature to strive for more. That is good, because it contains hope and possiblity.

One can feel Gods'presence and still need other people. After all, we're human.

My very very best- doublejo

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