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My Dad


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My Dad,

How I miss you ever so much,

On your birthday I sat wondering,

Why I have no dad to be with,

June sixth will never be the same again...

I miss you dad and I know you are okay....

Say hi to mom for me and have a happy birthday

Love Shelley

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Hi LoriS,

Thank you for replying to my post, I just wanted everyone to know

how sweet of a man he really was... Years ago he was not so sweet but her was just before he died... He abused me in my earlier years but I forgave him and we moved on... Thanks again Shelley

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Dear Dad,

How the years have past and forever in my mind,

I remember all the memories you have left behind,

the trips, the ballgames and the places we went,

especially the times that we went camping in a tent...

How I miss the times we spent together,

as the years past no matter the weather...

I have the memories of times gone by...

I find myself thinking of you with a sigh....

I love you dad... Shelley

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Forgiving someone is hard, and in your case harder, but you forgave your dad and this is a great step in your healing.

I too forgave my mom and dad - I was sexually abused my brother at age 12 and they did nothing about it. I was told that if I told anyone that I would be removed from the house and placed in a reform school.

So I endured the abuse for about one year pretending to be asleep.

Then one day I just started screaming when he tried to touch me and it all stopped. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Now I am dealing with the flashbacks of it all.

Good luck STARKISS in your healing.

We all have a ways to go.

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Hi All,

Here I thought I said good bye but I am having a very rough time again, I think it is because in two day on the sixth of June it would have been my dad's 79th birthday and I am missing him so very much... I just wish I had someone to share the day with but I just don't.. My sister does not want me to mention it to my nephews or neice and I have no close friends that I could call either... Tearfully Shelley

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