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Sometimes We Just Need Something To Make Us Smile


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I know this isn't strictly about grief, and you can remove this, Marty, if you feel it's inappropriate, but it's something I received by email over a month ago, and it still never fails to make me smile and go "Awwwwwww.....how darling is THAT??!!!" To me, anything that can elicit some good feelings is simply GOLD right now. MY own kidlets hardly ever seemed to even like my piano-playing (and no, I wasn't terrible at it; I used to be a very good pianist! :huh: ), but I love this video all the same. Nora's face and expressions remind me so much of my Nissa's, so in that sense it's bittersweet. Yet it always warms my heart, as it makes me think of all the wonderful ways animals light up our world, so I wanted to share this here, where we can all use an occasional smile.

Nora now has a CD, too (this is so unusual, I might just buy it!), where her talents are blended with a jazz band. Too sweet....too entertaining....a small relief from all this grief.

Nora, The Cat Pianist, at Ravenswing Studios

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Glad it worked for someone else, too. Nora's piano playing just touches a 'string' in my heart, somehow. -_- I've suggested to Nissa that she might consider coming back to me next time as a feline pianist, too, as what sweeter thing could a piano-playing mom want? ^_^ I'd love to play little duets with her, as Nora's mom, Betsy, does. How tender those moments must be!

I have to say, I'm not really 'living', ever since I lost my girl....nothing more than surviving, with that huge hole in my heart, despite my 2 new cat friends around here....whom Nissa seems to always send over for a visit when I'm particularly low, bless her fuzzy heart!

And today, while still crying up a storm over that cat article, "Time" that I'd posted, I asked Nissa if she could help me find the same cat-angel garden statue that I'd received for her brother, Sabin, as the store that sold it has long since closed, and 2 web searches I'd done before never netted the one I was looking for. Well!.....mere minutes later I started another search online, and the very first link I tried had the very same statue, and on sale yet! So my girl is still looking out for me in some very obvious ways! (just hope they'll sell and ship to here)......but I still miss her like AIR, and still want to actually SEE her around here at some point. So today I'm extremely sad again, but grateful she's doing what she can to lead me in all the right directions. Whether she ever liked piano herself or not, she was and remains the most precious girl in the Universe to me.....and I'd rather have had her miiiiiiillllion kisses over piano-playing anyway. :wub:

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