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Action Alert On Food Safety


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From my e-newsletter, the Non-Toxic Times, comes this alert (to U.S. citizens) about proposed food safety laws in your country that require your immediate protest. These will affect pet food safety as well:

An excerpt reads:

"Several important pieces of food legislation are currently pending in Congress. Together with one that was passed but remains ignored, they either const*itute a full frontal assault on the safety of our food supply or its salvation depending on where the roll calls fall. Here’s the run down, including how you can help stop or jump start each one:"

Read all about the various food safety alerts, and more on the FDA, here:

Food Safety Legislation & other food supply concerns

Alarming news, all of it, and it's in the hands of the American public to see that this doesn't come to fruition and end up killing more of our furbabies &/or their human parents.

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