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The Blessing Of The Animals


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This just in, from our good friend and dear colleague Peggy Haymes:

Celebrate the connections between people and pets with this touching new video, The Blessing of the Animals.

About Peggy Haymes:

Animal lover, author, and minister Peggy Haymes practices counseling in Winston-Salem, N.C. She has helped people from all over the world heal from the losses in their lives. Together with her partner Susan Lautemann, MBA, MAEd, LPC, she established PetCaring in 2005 to help animal lovers around the world heal from the loss of a pet. Peggy and Susan have over 30 years' experience in helping people as they move through the journey of grief and healing, and a lifetime of caring for and loving the pets in their own lives.

Peggy can be contacted at Peggy@petcaring.com You can check out her informative and timely "Pets and Other Friends" blog atwww.petcaring.blogspot.com.

See also this "Love Poem from a Dog," by James Jacobson:

Do You Remember Love?

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