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Returning To A Place That Was My Dad Was Happy At

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Hi All,

It has been one and a half years since I have gone back to this place.. The place I am talking about is my old job.. This was a happy fun place for my dad as well... He used to take my dog Chelsea for walks while they waited for me to get out of work... He also was able to do odd repairs for the daycare as well... He loved walking the dog and he even new some other people who worked in the same area so it was like a common place to go and talk with people about things he used to like to do... When he died I quit my job and I was not able to return to this area until today... And today was very hard for me I started with the thought of turning around and going back home but I did manage to go and I did have a better time than I thought I was going to have... I ended the day by going to my old boss's house for dinner and we shared so good memories of the years gone by... I just fill so fortune that I was able to manage to do this and I know dad would have been happy I did go... Shelley

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Thanks Shell,

You have also had the nicest words and support for me.... I am happy to have found this site with all of these wonderful people... Thanks again Shelley

Thanks Marty T,

Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the last two years... I find it hard to be still grieving over my losses but I figure since there has been several I am doing okay with being over the two year mark.. Atleast I hope I am okay with being over the two year mark... Take care and Thanks again Shelley

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Hi LoriS,

Thank you for your reply, I was so happy I did it too... Maybe now I can feel like I am moving forward a little more... Hope life is getting better for you Take care Shelley

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