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I know how you feel. It is so lonely. It helps to know there is just someone out there, listening. It gets depressing for me when this site is quiet for several days. I come home day after day to this empty quiet house with no ineraction from anyone and no one notices if I make it home okay or not and no one seems to care. It makes me wonder sometimes, if something happened to me, how long would it be before anyone would even notice? I don't know anything harder than having your whole world turned upsidedown over night. We will continue to be here whenever you post you will hear from one of us.

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You are doing all the right things. Friends may not understand the extent of your grief but in here everyone can relate to you in some way. Noone can know the reality of what you are going through but we in here know our own. So cyber hugs to you and keep on serching for resources. You will get through this ;)

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