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First Day In My Summer House

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HI my far away friends I just dont know if IM doing the right thing or IM diging painfull memories.MY eldest son is coming with his fammily. for the weekend at our summer house.Our house ment to be for the 2 of us aplace to spend the rest of our lives.The only life left is my lonely life that I steel dont believe is ment to be without Yianny.Every day gets harder to go on and my children are sad for me that Idont recover .HOW can any of us recover when love that was joy of life is gone/?How can you stop tears all the time how you can not be angry looking at other happy couples when destiny seprates you from the only one tha was your reason for being happy?I try to find meanig and each time Iwake up and realise that he is not there tosay good morning my joy of live it drives me crasy.. .In greece we have a way of mesuring time >.Time that can be measured by clock and time that goes on without counting that time is keros.Maybe keros will take care of us. THAnk you all, TENY

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Dear Teny,

I can relate to what you are saying. We too have a summer home and I go there alone now. It is so sad to try and enjoy all the things we planned on doing, relaxing together, reading a book, just being there together. Now I sit alone, but what has helped me when I go up there I take my laptop and I am trying to write a book for my children about the life their father and I had together (46 years). I think they will enjoy hearing things that maybe they were never told about some enjoyable times we had before they were born and when they were young and do not remember. It makes me feel so close to my dear Charlie and I gives me great pleasure to remember and write down things about the wonderful life we shared.

I lost him almost 3 years now and his memory is still so fresh. Going to our summer place makes me feel so much closer to him because he loved being there.

I hope you can find some peace when you go to your place.



7/1/38 -10/20/04

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