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Morgan 5 Mo Old Loss

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Mommy loves you baby and is so mad that you were not able to say anything to me. I was in amazement over the baby that you were and that you were my first little girl and the last baby that I would have. The last time I saw you is not the memory that I want so I think of you on the morning that I took you to the babysitter and you just smiled at me so big and it seemed as if nothing was wrong. I so wish that you could tell me that it was not my fault and that you were fine and that you did not hurt or cry. You did not go through any pain. I miss you so much that my words cannot even explain but know that you are in my heart and mind everyday and that I hope that you are watching over your brothers and I to make sure that we all stay in line. I love you and I miss you.

Love, Mommy

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