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R.i.p. Baby Dibbs

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I found baby Dibbs during a rainstorm on a saturday night a malnutritioned black and white kitten cute as hell. Our cat Stoop just had 3 kittens and I tried to get her to nurse Dibbs but it didn't happen. I started bottle feeding him and we was quite well for a few days...one night he did not want to eat and he was really fragile and weak. I was holding him until he passed away at 4:30 am one June 8'th 2004. He will be missed greatly by me and my whole family, he made me smile knowing I might be able to nurse him back to health and tragiclly it didn't work out as planned...rest in peace little guy we love you! sad.gif

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I'm so sorry!! I know you must be awfully sad.

But you tried to nurse him back to health---don't forget that. He was probably just so malnourished or had some other condition already at work. Please don't feel guilty.

And he got to die in the arms of someone who loved him---not alone outside somewhere.



p.s. Baby Dibbs is experiencing only bliss now. wub.gif

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