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Two and a half months ago, I lost my beloved cat Joey.

He got hit by a car, and I was at home when it happened, I was in my room doing my buissnes and people called me and told me that the cat is injured.

When I asked where is he, the woman that called told that it's where I live, but she confused me and it took me some time until I arrived, and it wan infront of the window of my room where I was, and to this day I feel so bad that I didn't notice anything. I guess some of it happened when I was listening to music by ear phones, and I don't know how much tume he was there alone with no help. I usualy used to be there for him even when he had fights with other cats.

I took him to a vet, but there wasn't much he could do because I guess he had inside injury that he was bleeding inside.

He was a cat who loved to be a lot outside' and it was imposible to protect him all the time.

It's very hard for me to beleive that he is really dead and I will not see him ever again and he's not alive anymore, and I missed all the connection I could have had with him during the years with him.

He was very special cute and beutiful.

And I'll miss him forever.

The pain is unbelievble.


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So sorry about your loss!

Remember that he died outside playing---something he loved!

And please try not to feel guilty. We are human and can't be on guard every minute. Of course if you had known anything was wrong, you would have been by Joey's side immediately.

You will see Joey again, when it's your time. In the meantime, he's experiencing only bliss.

If the roles had been reversed, you would want Joey to be able to go on, knowing it wasn't his time yet. You'd want the most love and happiness possible in his life. Don't forget that. wub.gif

Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.

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Our cats use to be outdoors. Our Boo boy got hit by a car thank God, and $3000.00 later the vet saved him. Thank goodness we had a color with tags on him.

That year we went to Best Friends Animal Sancturay. We got our idea there to keep them indoors while letting them out too. We added on to our home two what we call sanctuary's, outdoor areas for them. There are cats doors from the inside of the house out. We got some dead trees an old couch at good will etc and they love it. We never have any one of them tring to escape. Just a thought.

Bottom line, it's NOT your fault so please stop beating up on yourelf. If he was bleeding internally I sincerely doubt that if you had been there sooner would have made a difference. We tend to blame ourselves and it really isn't our fault. anyone, in my humble opinion that is posting here has an enormous amount of love for their pet. Not that this is suppose to eas the pain, but I sure bet Joey had one nice life with you that he may have never had. You know if you want to throw something at me feel free. I got so angry when people said crap like that to me, but it is the truth.

Many hugs and stop blaming yourself thoughts,


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