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Once Again Support From Far Away

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TOday I was driving to work crying all the way. It happens all the time that Im alone and hear musik or remembering so many years of love we shared.I was so depresed and when icame to this site and found some answering to my sorow gave me confort.There are times I find no reason to live life is emty and I panic in the thought that Iwill never have Yiany again in my side to hold hands to be together for better and for worst.HOw can I go on ?Some of you say it will get better.For me it is getting harder as time goes by.My friends say I was lucky to have His love but when you loose it is it worthed to stay in this world with so much pain?

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It is worth it if there is ever even just a small iota of joy. It seems harder to you because you are still in the earlier stages of grief, yes, I promise you, it will get better. Not that you will ever like it, but you do get more used to it. You learn, instead of always just crying over the loss of your loved one, to eventually carry them in your heart as a source of comfort and strength...and go on. It takes time, it's a process, but it happens.

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