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Today Is The 8mo Anniversary


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Of my letting my Furever Friend go. Here is a link to her Memorial on Critters.com http://critters.com/main.php?action=view&m...=1193&page_no=1

I miss her so very much, but I have to say I have NEVER thought about her on Monday morning at 11:48 which is the time she left me...(I am really thankful for that)....Today was the only time that all of a sudden it hit me as I drove to Hobby Lobby...I looked at the clock in the car and it was 11:48. When I composed myself and went into the store, I went to the scrapbooking section to the stickers and there was a sheet of stickers that had this poem on it:

Fluffy Beds

and endless treats.

Gates to guard,

new friends to meet.

Long slow walks

and petting hands.

Safe with God in

Dog Heaven.

Thank you God or Copper, which ever one it was that lead me to this sign of your happiness...I have had other signs here and there too that are very subtle but I know it is my Furever Friend telling me she is healthy and happy. Check our her site on Critters...one of the signs is the Ornament I found the day after she died. I pray that all of you will find peace.

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