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Aching Heart


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Thanks to everyone who is sharing - I don't feel so alone.

My doctor increased my antidepressant dosage as I was falling apart with anxiety, and it is working. I'm not sleeping as much, and when I look back, I can do more things than before. However, I'm still walking around with "syrup in my veins" as one friend put it, and taking tasks one small step at a time.

In the last couple days I've had a sad ache in my chest. My doctor assures me I'm physically OK, but it's just like the pain I'd get when something bad happened to one of my kids, or when a friend moved away. It's been over 4 months since my mom died and I don't remember feeling this heartache before now. Is this normal? Is it part of the process? I dread the thought of going backwards, since it seems like such a long tough road.

I've managed to plan something for Labor Day weekend with my sons - a trip downtown for a cartoon/TV convention. I just wanted to escape with them to a different world.

Does the aching heart mean anything?

thanks to all-


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They don't call it heartache for nothing! Seriously, since you have had it checked out with your doc and he says you're ok, I wouldn't worry about it. I have had that feeling and I think it's normal...just heartache.

It's good that you're planning a diversion with your kids. Sometimes we do need to just do something out of the ordinary, it does help to take you away from your own world! Have a good time.



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