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Captain 6-7-07


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Hello, I lost my cat Captain to Liver Cancer, I nursed him for 3 months, force fed him, gave him his meds, even gave him fluids throgh his skin every other day, he did get better for 2 weeks started eating on his own but as soon as my mom got sick ( she died June 18 ) he got sick too and I had to put him to sleep on 6-7-07.

He was my non human rock, he followed me around like a puppy dog. He would give me eskimo kisses at night, for the first couple of nights I couldn't sleep in my bed. I guess I haven't really been able to grieve him yet because i'm dealing with my mom's death.

He was a great cat with an awesome personality. When I am on my computer he would go from side to side tapping my arm until he got my attention. :)

He was only 7 years old.



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ohhhh Dawn, I am so sorry that you are facing and grieving from the loss of your mom and your cat at the same time. I don't have a lot to give today to you, but I care about your pain. Thank you for sharing, I know that is one way to help heal our grief process.

...you are in my thoughts, and I hope someone will have some greater words of comfort then I do today

~~ Billi

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