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Hey Dawn,

I took a look at your mom's page, she was beautiful, and so many people loved her. As sad as you may feel, I hope that you are able to find comfort in numbers. Someone said that to me when my mom first died, they said, "you will see over time the number of people that were touched by her presence, and it is this comfort in numbers that will help you through this terrible life change." I'm not a very religious person, at least I don't go to church every week or anything, so it's hard for me to imagine that my mom's spirit is beside me (she was such a goof ball I wouldn't want her spirit to just sit around, I'd want her to be out having fun:) but I do recognize that our moms will live inside of us for ever, and it's these memories that will make them immortal. Good luck on your journey Dawn, and thank you for sharing your mom's page.

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