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Derek,Marty,Kay and all who have responded so promptly since I joined , Thank You and God bless and continue to use you to be instruments of healing.Its so encouraging to hear from others that I will feel differently, even be happy in the future. Right now, my main fear is always feeling like this and its great to know I WONT!

I found great comfort in verses found in Isaiah, where God says that He will answer our prayers even before they leave our lips. I claimed that verse for myself in the car on the way home, cause it feels like I have been praying the same prayer for a long time (for comfort) and God has not fully answered yet. Also that He will put an end to my mourning. The last verse which confused me a bit Was that we need to stop rememnbering events of the past and see the new thing that God is preparing for us. I claim those promises for my very own

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I would have to look that verse up to get the full context of it, but I believe that while you don't want to fully forget the past, but when you look back on your life with Walter, remember the good times and be happy for the time you had together, don't be sas for what might have been for the future. Now, I know that is easier said then done. I am slowly getting there but it does take time.

Love always


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Somehow I missed this post...I don't think we can forget, but I think the primary part of the message here is our focus. We can't always be looking back, but need to live in the now, with hope for the future.

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