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Hi Frannie,

I've never used those little faces, but your post inspired me to try biggrin.gif I think all you have to do is to place your cursor where you want the face, then go over to the left where it says "clickable smiles" and just click on one. Then go down to the base of your message box and be sure you've clicked on "Do you wish to enable emoticons for this post?" I think if you don't have a green check mark in that box, the "emoticons" (better known to the rest of us as smiley faces) won't appear in your message.

I hope that helps, Frannie! smile.gif

Love and hugs,


PS And I love your sense of humor! tongue.gif (Am I overdoing it now? wink.gif )

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Thank you so much Marty. Now I can use expressions which may get my words interpreted better. huh.gif I hope this works. laugh.gif

As always, I loved todays meeting, well that sounds a bit sick! huh.gif I wish no one was there for none of us would be dealing with losing a beloved companion animal. sad.gif I feel blessed and grateful that I live in Phoenix AZ so I can go to these meetings.

You're the best!

wub.gif back at you,



ps. I sure hope this works or I shall look like a real bafoon. LOL

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