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Hi All. I have been so busy lately but I have far from forgotten you all. The time I spent in here not only touched me tremendously but it motivated me to do something about it. Knowing how hard it to get back a life, or even wanting a life after you loose someone so close kept me wondering how to share hope with others in a productive way. Even though I was a fairly positive person before my husband died I certainly struggled for years after.

In my quest to improve the life of others I decided to set up something that I am sure will be a good resource for anyone who needs something to shift the focus off struggle if only for a break! and regain some happiness. I started a blog called The Positive Spirit but then decided to set up a forum where people can share strategies and stories of hope and appreciation. I am very excited about doing this and I really pray this project helps many people claim back some happiness and balance in their lives.

A forum like this one is helpful as there is something very special about other people relating to how you feel and understanding where we are coming from. What I have done is something different but the two combined would surely help the healing process. Here is the link to The Positive Spirit Blog .

The Positive Spirit Club This kind of thing has worked well for me especially in the tough times and I hope it helps you too. Hugs and God Bless :wub:

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