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:( My sweet Snickers passed away three weeks ago today at 9:05 PM. She was my pal for 15 years allways at my side. Snickers a Bishon Frise dog thought she was human.She wanted to and tasted evey food we were eating. Her faviorite was orange flavored food. She loved to share a tangarene or a orange with me. She even drank orange falvored soda pop.She became ill and would not respond to the medication. Our vet was away on vacation. I knew she was passing away, I told her she was going to a better place over the Rainbow Bridge.We made her as confortable as we knew how. My 10 year old Bishon Frise Ruby stayed by her side.Ruby knew what was happening to Snickers they understand death. Other pets go through greaving process just like us humans.

The house seems so quiet and empty with her gone. Ruby does keep me company as she is all ways by my side. Snickers barked alot at every thing,she spent a lot of time looking out the door.She loved to bark at any thing walking by,people,cats,birds bunnys. I bought a memory box at the pet shop and placed her picture collar tags in.

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Dear Hurting2,

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Snickers. 15 years of shared loved is not easy to try and do without, I know. I lost my Sabin at 13 yrs, and just last year (hurts so to have it be already in last year's calendar) his sister, Nissa, my darling girl, at close to 20 years. Their losses will always hurt me, this I also know.

Snickers sounds like such a sweet fur-person and I'm sure your dear Ruby is missing her just as much as you are. I know Nissa did when we lost Sabin, as they loved each other as much as they both loved me, and I them. It was a very tough few months for her afterwards, but SHE was the one who pulled me through, just as I helped her with her own sorrow. The blessings they bestow upon us is endless, just like their love.

Perhaps Snickers will bless you yet, with visitations in the form of her bark every now and then, or with Ruby alerting you to her continuing presence while watching/hearing something (Snickers' spirit form) you're not able to sense yourself.....or perhaps, you will, too. Many people have, though not as many as wish they did.

Your memory box is a lovely thing to do to honour Snickers' place in your heart and life, and though she is physically gone, she still has that place and that will never change, for once love bonds are forged, nothing can break them.

Again, my sincere condolences on one so treasured having had to continue their journey, leaving their loved ones to mourn their crossing. :(

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