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Missing You

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I'm so lonely here without you

My world's a cold, dark place

I'd give anything for one more chance

to feel your warm embrace

The desperation deep in me

is completely taking over

My heart doesn't seem to understand

what's happened to my lover

I know you're gone and not coming back

I understand the situation

I just can't keep from telling myself

you're on a long vacation

How am I supposed to keep moving on?

What am I going to do?

I can't even make myself get up and function

for my thoughts are all on you

You left me here in this big, cold world

You left me all alone

Where ever you are, I hope you will help me

make it on my own..

Natascha Krause 5/4/04

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That is lovely, inspite of or may be because of, your pain.

I've been there too and I've found that the habit of functioning as you have to, just keeps you going.

Its a long road and I will never be the same again after my loss.

Please know you are not alone and I hope you have good friends to be by your side and lots of hugs when you cry...........

Be gentle with yourself,

With Love

Nicky A

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I am so sorry for your loss...

Just remember that he is with you every day...When you laugh, cry or feel alone. I know in my heart that his last wish for you was for you to be happy and for you to find love once again....

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