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I Really Miss My Mom

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Hi everyone, I've been absent from the forum and absent from my therapy appts. I moved and got into a car accident last saturday. I really miss my mom, she would have been here to help me, to take care of me and she's not any everyone is acting like I'm a pain in the ass for asking for help.

I wish she were here, I'm crying so hard right now and haven't cried for her in while. I've been so preoccupied by life I feel like I'm letting her down by not going to my therapy appts. But i know I'm just letting myself down but I don't want to be happy right now. I want to be sad and angry and just blah.

God I want her hear with me right now. :angry:


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Are you okay? How badly were you hurt? I know how you feel. One day I fell off a step ladder and hit my arm on the table going down, not to mention landing really hard on my rear! I got up and checked myself out, figured I hadn't broken anything, just going to end up with some ugly bruises. I went into my bedroom and sat down and started sobbing, because my mom was not there to fuss over me. I was all alone. It is such a terrible feeling. Wanting to be miserable for awhile is ok...trying to be "happy" and "ok" can be a real strain. Sometimes we need to just have a small pity party for ourselves! Hope you're ok. I wish I was next door to come over and help you, I wouldn't mind at all!



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