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12 Weeks Today

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It's been 12 weeks today since mom died. I still miss her as much as I did the day she died. It's still hard to think of life with out mom, even though I've done it for the past 12 months, I think her strength is inside of me because I never though I would even make it this far.

This picture of my mom and I with Nate my nephew was taken a few years ago at one of Nate's ( my nephew ) games. She always wanted to be "fat" again. She hated being thin. The picture won't attach but you can see it at my blog


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It is astonishing to think of how far we've come... each bad day I get through, I marvel at my ability to do so. You just look back and think: "wow, how did that happen?"... I'm sorry for your pain & I wish I could say "it'll get better"... (I'm sure it will... I'm just not at that *point* yet)

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I checked out your site. What a cute picture! And I'm so sorry about your cat, too. I have ten (inside) and a ton of little strays outside and they are my babies. They are definitely one of the things that have helped me get through these rough times. I, too, am amazed that I have handled everything as well as I have, but, like you, I feel my moms strength coming through me. I know that she handled a lot through the years and I'm determined to be as strong as she was. And I'm very much like her in so many other ways. I'm so glad that you are doing fairly well too. We just have to be strong...period. It's either sink or swim, and we know our mothers would want to see us swimming!



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