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Hi All,

My heart is breaking right now because my brother who is looking after Chelsea called and told me that earlier this week they lost their dog and Chelsea's friend Cricket...Cricket loved car rides and jumped into the car when my sister-in-law Lee-ann called her out and she thought she had jumped out and locked up the car... Later that day she had not seen Cricket for along while and called for her and started panicing... She and my brother went outside and started calling her louder and louder because she was no where to be seen.. Lee-ann waunder near her car and spotted her laying on the seat and she opened the door quickly she went to her and touch her and found out she was dead... Lee-ann went sobbing away and yelling I killed her! I killed her! My brother started crying so very much and tried to comfort his wife... Their daughter who own the dog screamed and cried so very hard... I am totally tearful about hearing about one of my favorite playmates... Chelsea and Boomer are so very upset too... I am planning to go up next weekend to see the other two dogs just to see how they are doing... My brother says that Chelsea does not chase the ball around anymore and she used to when Cricket was there with her...Take care Shelley

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Starkiss: Very difficult. Everyones' pain must be gigantic. Such a hard thing to deal with. What can one say? It is difficult to know where everyone is at all times. Please accept my tears. Doublejo

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