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These Tears...

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Oh these tears...How they fall

While I'm lying in the dark.

The Love of my life has left me.

I'm so sad that we're apart.

Oh these tears...They just won't stop

Falling from my eyes.

As I lay here remembering

The night we said, "Goodbye".

Oh what a terrible night that was.

The night you had to go.

I knew you were leaving, earlier that day.

GOD came and told me so.

GOD came to me and he said,

"I'm taking Rick with me."

When I asked him, "why?"

He just replied,

"That's how it has to be."

"Rick's been on Earth long enough.

I have work for him to do.

But, always keep within your heart,

He truly did Love you."

Oh these tears...Keep falling down.

My eyes, they hurt so bad.

I can't stop thinking about you,

And the wonderful life we had.

I wish GOD would come to me now,

And tell me you're OK.

I wish he'd reassure me,

We'll be together, again, someday..

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Hi RichnTashow,

Thank you for sharing such a emotional and wonderful peom... I think that peom who write poetry are special it is wonderful to be able to share your talent with other people... Especially those who really need it when they are grieving their lost ones... Thanks again and God Bless You Shelley

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