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Father In Law Passed On 9/12/07

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My husband and I took care of my father in law for 8 months before he passed almost 2 weeks ago. We still feel like he is still with us in his room where he stayed. He had Ewing Sarcoma(cancer of spine) a direct result from being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam thirty some years ago. He just found out about it last year and had been through chemo and radiation. Had a bad reaction to these methods and he decided to just spend his time with us and our 2 boys until he passed. My boys, his grandkids were at school at the time he passed. My husband is an Angel and took care of his dad so well. He did things that I don't think I could do if and when my parents become very ill. I probably would now. My husband has his good and bad days and I too keep having flash backs of me feeding his dad towards the last 2 weeks when he could hold his spoon or fork, giving him his medicine and such. I feel too I lost a father. The kids are okay about his passing and are seeing a school counselor for a while to get them through this time. I just wanted to vent out a little and get some of my feelings out. Thank you

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I remember when my wife took time off from work to help take care of her mother when she had cancer. Hospice was called and helped a lot. When she died I felt like I had lost a mother as well and wished I had taken the time to get to know her better. This was 9 years ago. Give yourselves time to grieve.

Love always


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So sorry for your loss. It is wonderful that your husband took such good care of his dad, he is indeed an angel! And it's wonderful that you were close enough to your father-in-law that you are feeling his loss too, even though it hurts. As Derek said, give yourself plenty of time to grieve and come here to vent anytime!

Hugs to you and your family,


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