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What Is It About Weekends?

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Why are the weekends always so tough? I do just fine during the week. But come Friday evening, I'm a mess.. I know that I'm busy during the week, but, I am also busy on the weekends..So, I don't understand why EVERY Friday I wake up with the feeling that I can't make it through. SUNDAYS ARE THE WORST!! Rick and I had Sundays all to our selves..We didn't have to set the alarm or go anywhere, if we didn't want...We could just hang out. Half the time we never "officially" got dressed.

I have gotten to where I hate Sundays... I have been invited to do several things, on Sundays, but I just can't bring myself to participate in whatever I'm invited to...

I wish this whole grieving thing would just STOP!!

OK!..I have felt the pain and I will NEVER stop missing Rick..So, just stop, already...Just let me move forward!!

I want to get to know the "new" person I've become..But I just can't find the right shoes, I need to put on, to take the first steps....

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Hi,I know your pain only to well,I dread the weekends,my husband died four weeks ago,I am still very confused,about my feelings,but they become more intense at the weekends,unlike yourself we did not spend the weekend together as he worked all the time,Saturday nights were my favourite as we just hung out drank a bottle of wine "or Two"


Now there is no routine only emptyness and sorrow,my feeling are like tidal waves,some I can ride and some just drown me!!

I have not found any way to get round the weekends except to try to convince myself not to do the same things we did as a couple"when we had the time"

Just go with the flow I am sure that life has a better plan for you treat each day as it is and do not have any expectations of its contents!!!Thinking about you .....Lynn

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